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Windows Azure Mobile Services

I’m working on a mobile app for the moment and decided it was a good opportunity to look into the Windows Azure Mobile Services. During my investigation I have found the following articles particular usefull. Client side query syntax: If you need to query for all items in an […]

Apple IOS development

This guide describes how to create the developer certificates needed for publishing Iphone apps on a windows machine. To run a IOS machine with virtualbox check out this tutorial: To distribute your app for beta testing, this guide will help:

NoSQL, MongoDB intro

I’m working on a spare time project where I’m using node.js and mongodb to get more familiar with the whole nosql movement. It is an interesting adventure, but it requires a little rethinking on how to model your database, I found this good podcast on how typical relational database design […]

Preparations for 70-480 certification

A month ago I passed the 70-576 certification, and only a few days later Microsoft was giving away vouchers for a free 70-480 certification, which obviously was impossible for me to resist. So now, I’m reading up on some HTML5, Javascript, and CSS to prepared for the test. I have […]

Android development step 1

This weekend I’m trying to do some serious Android development for the first time. It’s been a while since I last done mobile development, infact more than 3 years. This series of blog post is gonna cover my experiences with it. Setting up environment I got a HTC one S […]

SharePoint 2013 Certifications revealed

Microsoft is preparing for a new line of certification for the release of SharePoint 2013. So far not much information have been revealed, but on this page more will probably come in a near future. Note that the links to the actual certifications are broken, they should have been: […]

Useful powershell snippets

I just wanted to share a list of useful powershell commands that I use every once in a while, the list will most likely keep growing. I have divided it into two sections one for SharePoint related commands and one for just plain old ps commands. Powershall Commands Add-PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell” […]