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Inspecting Docker Images

Often when working with 3rd party docker images I have a desire to see what they contain. Luckily that is super doable, as you can simple unpack the images and see all the content of the different layers. In most cases that is easier than getting a bash shell into […]

Disk Cloning anno 2020

This post is mostly a memo for myself, but maybe it can help you next time you need to clone a SSD or an M.2 drive and save you some time trying to find tools that works. My standard procedure for data protection is that I buy new faster and […]

Removing Users from Azure AD Domain Service

The Azure Active Directory Domain Services (Azure ADDS), services enables you to run a fully Microsoft managed Active Directory in Azure, which will be populated with users and devices from your Azure Active Directory. By being a fully managed services, you don’t have direct access to the VMs that run […]