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Speed up your npm dependent CI build

Build servers are a must, and so is fast build times, especially if you practice continues integration and maybe even continues delivery. So what do you do when npm install takes too long to complete? Buy more bandwidth or faster CPU. Well there is something you can do before that […]

ARM Templates set “Always on” and other site properties

Just a quick reminder to myself. In order to set the “always on” property on a Azure Web App when provisioned from an ARM template, the resource should look like this [javascript] { "apiVersion": "2015-06-01", "name": "[parameters(‘siteName’)]", "type": "Microsoft.Web/Sites", "location": "[parameters(‘siteLocation’)]", "dependsOn": [ "[concat(‘Microsoft.Web/serverFarms/’, parameters(‘hostingPlanName’))]" ], "tags": { "[concat(‘hidden-related:’, resourceGroup().id, […]

Azure Search Pdf Indexing

Azure Search has just reached general availability, and with that, they announced a few new nice features. One of the new features are a .net library that makes it super easy to work with Azure Search. The library can be downloaded with nuget. Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.Search -IncludePrerelease I have used the […]