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Useful powershell snippets

I just wanted to share a list of useful powershell commands that I use every once in a while, the list will most likely keep growing. I have divided it into two sections one for SharePoint related commands and one for just plain old ps commands. Powershall Commands Add-PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell” […]

SharePoint 2010, Configuring TS 70-667

I’m currently preparing for the SharePoint 2010 certification, about configuring the platform, TS 70-667. As part of this preparation i have collected the following links that I hope will help me pass with ease. For the other certifications I have taken I have prepared by reading books, but since this […]

Wrap Sharepoint Webpart in DIVs

This article has some code for a control adapter that can be used for just that. I does however not wrap webparts in divs, it only renders the webpart contents, which means any Chrom will be gone, as will those pesky tables that you might dislike. If you like […]