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SharePoint 2013 working with REST

With SharePoint 2013, a lot of things are now possible through the REST API. This is nice for web developers, and it’s nice for quick solutions directly in the browser, e.g. against Office 365. The following code sniplets require jquery, which is not installed per default in Office 365, but […]

SharePoint 2013 add like functionality to publishing page with javascript

In SharePoint 2013 the rating functionality that can be enabled on all libraries, have been extended with a simple like/unlike functionality in addition to the 5 star rating from SP2010. Obviously this is something the customers love, as it reminds them of their well-known facebook like functionality. Unfortunately Microsoft for some reason decided to only enable the functionality directly from the page library list view, where most end users will never end up when working with publishing sites. In this post I present some javascript that can be included on a page layout to enable users to like/unlike the page directly from the page.

Preparations for 70-480 certification

A month ago I passed the 70-576 certification, and only a few days later Microsoft was giving away vouchers for a free 70-480 certification, which obviously was impossible for me to resist. So now, I’m reading up on some HTML5, Javascript, and CSS to prepared for the test. I have […]