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Could not load Microsoft.Data.OData 5.2.0 because of updated version 5.6.0

Many of Microsoft’s data centric APIs (WebAPI.OData, WindowsAzure.Storage, etc) rely on the Microsoft.Data.OData library (ODataLib) and its dependencies, Microsoft.Data.Edm, Microsoft.Data.OData, and System.Spatial. To install the ODataLib simply run “Install-Package Microsoft.Data.OData” in the package manager window. Unfortunately because of seperate release cycles of Microsofts libraries not all of their libraries rely […]

Windows Azure Revisited

Today I digged up one of my old Azure projects that I used for practice while I took the certification nearly two years ago. Unfortunately I haven’t had many opportunities to work with Azure in the mean time so my Azure skills are a little rusty, hence this brush up. […]