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Use custom http routes in Azure Functions

Per default Azure Functions uses the name of the function (which is in fact the directory name that contains the function files) as the http route. E.g. a function named products hosted in azure functions with the name mycompany will end up at a URL: That might be fine […]

Speed up your npm dependent CI build

Build servers are a must, and so is fast build times, especially if you practice continues integration and maybe even continues delivery. So what do you do when npm install takes too long to complete? Buy more bandwidth or faster CPU. Well there is something you can do before that […]

Windows OpenSSL binaries

Every now and then I need to use openssl on windows, and I always struggle finding a good set of prebuilt binaries. For a long time I have been fine with a very old version of openssl built back in 2008 – but recently I needed to use some newer […]