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This is just a short collection of useful links for stock trading.

LinQ select in / contains

You have a large set of data and is only interested in a subset of it. But the subset is not easily defined, it could be a list of IDs or something similar what do you do? In SQL you could write a SELECT * FROM Items WHERE itemId IN […]

Shader programming inside the browser

OpenGL shader programming in your browser. One of the most talented guys from the demo scene, Inigo Quilez, decided that making awesome 4k demos wasnt challenging enough so he set out to make a shader programming environment for WebGL enabled browsers (Web-kit browsers, Firefox 3.7 and Chrome). To enable WebGL […]

SQL Select Distinct Column wise (with GUIDs)

I had some SQL trouble selecting ¬†distinct values from a single column while also selecting the remaining columns from the table. After trying ¬†without any real breakthrough I turn to stackoverflow and luckily Peter Lang was the man with an fast answer. The question was ( I have a little […]