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Wrap Sharepoint Webpart in DIVs

This article has some code for a control adapter that can be used for just that. I does however not wrap webparts in divs, it only renders the webpart contents, which means any Chrom will be gone, as will those pesky tables that you might dislike. If you like […]

Photoshope panoramic view

I just recently returned from a trip to California. We spent two days in Solvang, wonderful area with a really beautiful nature. On our way back we stopped by Lake Cachuma here I quickly took 8 pictures with my quite crappy Cannon SD1300 SI camera while standing and rotation rotating […]

Sharepoint Site Provision order, Feature activation, List Instantiation

Grabbed from: If you ever have gotten stumbled over your features not activating as expected or dependencies not working, that might have to do with site provisioning order. SharePoint provisions in the following order: onet.xml 2.SPSite scoped features defined in onet.xml, in the order they are defined in […]

Unable to deploy WSP due to installed feature

When a WSP package is deployed it installs all features of the package to the desired web-application, but beside that it also installs them to the web-application that hosts the central administration (CA). This can cause problems, if the feature isn’t uninstalled correctly from all web-apps including CA. The problem […]

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