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Windows OpenSSL binaries

Every now and then I need to use openssl on windows, and I always struggle finding a good set of prebuilt binaries. For a long time I have been fine with a very old version of openssl built back in 2008 – but recently I needed to use some newer […]

Get Azure AD domains from TenantID

In Azure AD a tenant is uniquely identified by a tenant ID which is a guid. Unfortunately guids are not very user friendly, so most users remembers their AD tenants by the domain name, it could e.g. be If you are working with the Azure management api, you can […]

Service Bus ARM Templates

I love Azure resource manager and especially ARM templates for deploying a full resource group. Unfortunately the documentation on how to author the templates still have a long way to come. Recently I have been doing some IoT work, where we are using Service Bus and Event Hub. How to […]